CCTV Monitor BNC Connectors

CCTV Monitor BNC Connectors
CCTV Monitor BNC Connectors
Product Description
Visuals recorded by CCTV are shown on the computer monitor because of CCTV Monitor BNC Connectors. As the name implies, these are connectors with coaxial cable. These connectors are designed specifically for electronic equipment like CCTV. CCTV having RCA Connector jack makes inserting an adapter easy. The male connectors are fitted to coaxial cables and female connectors to the device. In CCTV Monitor BNC Connectors, BNC stands for Bayonet Neill–Concelman and it has been named so because of bayonet mount locking system.

Key Factors Of CCTV Monitor BNC Connectors:

  •     The male connector is fitted to monitor whereas female connector to jack.
  •     Quality based metal and other materials have been used in making connectors.
  •     Light in weight, durable and easy to place as well as pull.
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