CCTV Security Cameras

  1. CP Plus Bullet Night Vision Camera

    CP Plus Bullet Night Vision Camera relies on infrared light for capturing live images with clear visibility. It is an ideal surveillance device for monitoring suspicious activities at night. This camera is comprised of IR cut filter which is automatically removed when there is dark outside. It is known to have fast motion detection feature with the ability to capture images in high definition. This camera is suitable to be installed at public and crowded places.
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  2. CCTV Dome Camera

    CCTV Dome Camera is designed to be installed inside the room for recording the activities happening in absence of the owner. It is designed having dome shaped eye-ball which is fitted with a camera. This camera is connected to a 6 or 8 channel DVR which facilitates storing of recorded data for later use. It can easily be connected to internet system allowing the user to monitor everything even when he is kilometers away. 
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  3. CP Plus Astra HD CCTV Camera

    CP Plus Astra HD CCTV Camera is supreme quality surveillance assembly that has the capability to record videos in 1080 pixels. It is completely suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications and is featured with smart IR technology. This camera is completely reliable & suitable to be used in jewelry showrooms, mobile shops, warehouses, and residents of VIP people. It is known to provide supreme performance even under low light with excellent picture quality.
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  4. CP Plus CCTV Bullet Camera

    CP Plus CCTV Bullet Camera is specifically designed to be used for outdoor applications. It is generally installed at the entrance of shopping malls, residential & commercial buildings, over traffic lights, and in markets as well. This camera is manufactured having a cuboidal shape having high resolution lens. It has the ability to capture live activities up to a long distance. This camera is enclosed with IP66 weatherproof casing which makes it suitable for all types of weather conditions
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  5. IP CCTV Cube Camera

    IP CCTV Cube Camera is a type of video surveillance device which is required for monitoring the activities of many areas simultaneously. Abbreviated for Closed Circuit Television, it is equipped with inbuilt mic and speaker for transforming messages easily. This camera is extensively used in showrooms, shopping malls, community centers, offices, warehouses, and shops. It gives the flexibility of digital zoom for clearly identifying the face and other attributes.
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  6. IR Bullet Night Vision CCTV Camera

    IR Bullet Night Vision CCTV Camera is a type of security device which is capable of recording everything under its range with fast motion. Based on infrared technology, it has a wide angle capturing feature with 1080 pixel video quality. This camera works by connecting it to the digital video recorder which stores video in a digital format. USB or memory card can also be attached as an external storage memory for saving it later on laptop or PC.
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  7. IR CCTV Bullet Camera

    IR CCTV Bullet Camera is compact sized video surveillance device which is installed in houses, shopping malls, convenience stores, and multi-national companies. It is capable of recording the activities in high image quality up to a long distance. This camera is provided with a protective casing over its structure to prevent any adverse effect of water, dust, and sunlight. It works by transmitting signals to connected monitors for live viewing.
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  8. HD CCTV Bullet Camera

    HD CCTV Bullet Camera is a security device which is installed in government offices, hospitals, highways, institutions, colleges, and schools. It is a perfect choice for outdoor & long distance surveillance with clear image quality. This camera is generally connected to a DVR port and a monitor for viewing live images. It provides protection against theft chances and also helps police person in identifying the culprit due to its supreme video quality even under dark.
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  9. CP Plus CCTV Dome Camera

    CP Plus CCTV Dome Camera is named according to its shape and is suitable to be used in small or large rooms, office cabins, restaurants, and retail stores. It is known for its wide angle surveillance, compact but stylish design, and ability to capture clear images even at night. This camera is installed with a 2 megapixel image sensor and requires 12 volt power supply for its optimum working. It is known to support various types of video formats including AHD, HD-TVI, & HDCVI.
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  10. IP CCTV Cube Wireless Camera

    IP CCTV Cube Wireless Camera is a portable security device which is easily programmed with your mobile or laptop. Its wireless nature makes it suitable for adjusting to the required area. This camera is equipped with inbuilt mic and speaker for delivering message to the other room where a separate camera is installed. It is designed having a small box-like design with a round flat base.
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  11. Outdoor Dome Camera

    Outdoor Dome Camera is a high definition device which is required for monitoring and recording al the activities happening on its radar. It is a dome shaped assembly with rotating camera lens for capturing wide angle images. This camera is widely used in hotels, resorts, airports, railway stations, and bus stands. It is suitable to be mounted on wall, ceiling, or poles as well. This camera can be availed in different picture resolutions and structural designs.
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  12. CCTV Bullet Camera

    CCTV Bullet Camera is known have advanced compression with excellent ratio, heartbeat function for real time operating performance, and alarm function. It is completely suitable & trustworthy to be used in banks, restricted areas, toll booths, cafes, and pizza shops. This camera is highly appreciated for its supreme performance in high sunshine and in completely dark environmental conditions. It is connected to a moving flange-like assembly for adjusting its direction.
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